Take a journey beneath your skin’s surface with our advanced skin diagnostic technology.

Initial Observ Skin Consultation

We take a holistic approach to treating the skin. We assess lifestyle influencers, diet, stress, gut health and your current skincare routine to build an understanding of the root of your skin concerns.

An Initial Observ Consultation is a must-do step for all new clients. This consultation will provide you with all the information you need to understand, treat and transform your skin both in clinic and at home.

The Observ Skin Scanner analyses the skin at both a superficial and dermal level. The Observ produces 6 digital images assessing texture, pigmentation, oil flow, hydration, collagen, vascularity and capillaries, and bacteria. The images are then emailed to you alongside your custom treatment plan. We continue to use the Observ scanner throughout your skin journey to track your progress. For best results, clients must use retinol and antioxidant serums at home to continue to stimulate the skin between treatments.

‘All new clients need to have an initial consultation before commencing treatments’

Treatment Session
Ideal For All new clients
Treatment Time Approx. 30min
Recommended Sessions Initial, before and after treatments

Accurately diagnosing skin conditions