Why Choose Laser Over Other Hair Removal Options?

Over the years, hair removal has become increasingly popular. Both men and women have been going in search of the best way to remove their hair and get that silky hair free skin. There are many varieties of hair removal that are now offered to the public. It is important to carefully consider all of your options when deciding what the best type of hair removal for your particular need is.

Let’s take a closer look at the most commonly used hair removal options on the market today:


This is by far the most common type of hair removal and the most inexpensive option. However, results only last around 24 hours and is quite time consuming for larger areas such as legs, back, etc. There is also the problem of shaving rash, accidental cuts, ingrown hairs and the continual purchasing of shaving creams, razors, and after shave balms.

Depilatory Cream

This form of hair removal lasts around one week and works by dissolving the hair. The creams are also fairly inexpensive and can be quite effective. Problems associated with this form can be allergic reaction, ingrown hair, redness, blistering, and not dissolving all of the hair effectively.


Waxing lasts approximately three to four weeks and is a substantial ongoing cost on the hip pocket. Apart from painful experience of waxing, other problems also include ingrown hair, bruising, blistering, and sometimes the removal of skin. Waxing should also not be done on skin imperfections such as moles, warts, rashes, and pimples.


This form of hair removal is mainly used for shaping areas of hair such as eyebrows. This is far too time consuming and cannot be performed on large hair areas, such as legs, bikini, underarm etc. Results usually last three to four weeks.


Although this can give permanent results, this can be an extremely time consuming and costly procedure as each individual hair must have an electronic current passed down the hair into the follicle.


IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light machines and it is important to remember that IPL are not true genuine Lasers. Many companies throughout Australia, including Melbourne, incorrectly claim to advertise “laser hair removal” but in actual fact use IPL. As IPL uses a broad light spectrum, it cannot isolate the exact wavelength needed for destroying the hair follicle and thus exposes the body to other unwanted wave lengths of energy. This leaves the body open to unknown risks associated with excess radiation. If not skilfully handled, the lack of accuracy of IPL can open the body up to scarring from burning. When you pay for “Laser Hair Removal”, you want to make sure that this is what you are getting.

Please refer to the Laser vs IPL page for further explanation.


Here at Bare Body we use a genuine FDA approved Class 4 Medical Grade laser. This laser uses a single wavelength, resulting in scientifically and clinically proven results of accuracy and effectiveness over any other form of hair removal.

The costs may initially be higher; however, it is by far the cheapest form of hair removal in the long run. Once a full course has been completed, you will never need to worry about removing hair in that area again. All areas that grow hair on the body can be treated by laser and the LightSheer Duet is completely safe as this laser does not penetrate the second layer of dermis.

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