Laser Hair Removal Pre-Treatment Instructions

Discontinue sun tanning, tanning beds, and the use of self-tanning creams or sprays for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment and throughout the duration of the treatment series. This will reduce the chance of skin colour changes and complications. Always use SPF-30 sunscreen on all exposed treatment areas and re-apply every 2 hours throughout the day. Wear protective clothing, hats and sunglasses etc.

Discontinue the use of exfoliating creams (on areas to be treated) such as Retin-A and glycolic acids and other skin exfoliating products 2 weeks prior to and during the entire treatment process.

The treatment area(s) should be shaved closely and thoroughly the night before or morning of each treatment session.

Do NOT tweeze, wax, use depilatory creams or electrolysis as a method of hair reduction for at least 4 weeks prior to your first treatment, or in between laser treatments. Instead you can shave the area as often as needed.

You should arrive for your treatment with clean skin. There should be no lotion, make-up, perfume, powder, deodorants/anti-perspirants or bath/shower oil present on the skin in the area to be treated. If you have applied a topical anaesthetic prior to treatment, the cream needs to be thoroughly wiped off before the start of the treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Post-Treatment Instructions

Mild sunburn-like sensation is expected. This usually last 2-24 hours but can persist for up to 72 hours. You can apply cold gel packs or cool wet cloths to the treatment areas for 15 minutes every 2-4 hours until symptoms subside. Hydrocortisone may be applied to soothe any itching. Aloe vera gel may be applied to soothe the skin. Please see us at Bare Body should you wish to purchase a good quality soothing cream.

Bathe or shower as usual. Please be aware that treated areas may be temperature sensitive. Cool showers or baths will offer relief. However aggressive scrubbing must be avoided, as well as the use of exfoliates or scrub brushes, until the treatment area has returned to its pre-treatment condition.

Avoid sun exposure to treated areas, as well as the use of sun tanning beds and self-tanning creams. Use SPF-30 sunscreen if sun exposure is unavoidable. Sun avoidance will decrease the likelihood of skin colour changes.

Appearance of hair growth stubble will continue for 7-35 days post-treatment. This is not new hair growth, but the treated hairs being expunged/purged from the skin. Gentle exfoliation of the skin can help these “dead hairs” fall out quicker. We have good quality exfoliation gloves available for purchase if required.

Avoid swimming, hot tubs/jacuzzis, and excessive exercise for 48 hours or until redness resolves.

If blisters occur, apply antibiotic ointment to the areas 2 times a day until healed.

Do not pick or remove scabs or crusting; this will help decrease the chance of infection and scarring.

If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed, please feel free to contact our office on (03) 9386 3636.

Appointment Etiquette

Cancellations, no-shows and rescheduling

We ask as a common courtesy you call the office within 24 hours or sooner of your appointment if you cannot make it or need to reschedule. If you do not call and the appointment is no show, there will be a $50.00 charge. This charge must be paid in full before you schedule your next treatment

Running late

If you are running late, please call us to let us know so we can try to accommodate you and others. Some appointments are only booked for as little as 15 minutes. If you are 15 minutes late or more we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment


Children are not allowed in the laser treatment room with you under any circumstance. Children are also not allowed to be left in the waiting room unattended. If a child is brought to the appointment, he or she must be left in the waiting area with an adult that came with you.


Some people prefer to come in clothing that the treatment areas can be accessed in, so they do not have to change. Example: shirts/pants that they can roll up, shorts or sleeveless clothing. When treating the bikini line, underwear may be left on if desired as long as the technician has access to the desired treated area. When treating the Brazilian area underwear must be removed.

Come prepared

It is your responsibility to arrive to your appointment with the areas to be treated clean shaved. It is not the technician’s responsibility to shave you. If you cannot come shaved there will be an additional $25.00 charge. You must also let us know when scheduling the appointment that you will need to be shaved so we can schedule the time into your appointment. If you have been prescribed a topical anaesthetic, it must be applied 45 minutes prior to your appointment time and wiped off before arrival.

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