Peels are performed to address skin concerns ranging from rough, dull lifeless skin to sun damage, ageing, hyperpigmentation, congestion, and oily acneic conditions. When used in conjunction with a prescribed homecare regime, peels are extremely effective when performed as a course of treatments.

CosMedix & Aspect Clinical Skin Peels have been developed to achieve smooth and vibrant youthful looking skin. Both are clinical-strength, result-oriented, corrective treatments with superior results and long term durability. Our range of peels offer a mild sloughing of the skin. This process is known as metabolic peeling which achieves dramatic results without irritations. By using natural, chirally correct ingredients—that is, pure, skin safe molecules—our range of peels works with the skin to prompt the renewal process.

During your complimentary skin consultation, a certified and trained Skin Therapist will thoroughly assess your skin to see which peel is right for you. By identifying certain key traits, such as skin density and natural hydration, your therapist can better determine the appropriate peel type, depth and duration for your skin, to ensure beautiful results with the least disruption to your lifestyle and busy schedule.

  • Pomegranate Peel


    A peel designed to stimulate cellular turnover and increase natural moisture and removes dead cells. An antioxidant peel and a powerful exfoliating treatment when combined with microdermabrasion.

  • Blueberry Smoothie


    CosMedix’s deliciously refreshing Blueberry Smoothie scrub helps invogorate the skin with the use of gentle acid, while active blueberry extracts exfoliate and nourish the skin to restore a youthful glow without irritation.

  • Lactic Peel


    No matter what your skin care concerns these lactic acid derived peels guarantee exceptional results every time. These unique peels are powerful yet gentle, so suitable for even the most sensitive skins. We offer 20 %, 30%, 40% and 60% strength Lactic Peels.

  • Salicylic Peels


     – Detox Peel            

    For spots, excessive oiliness or clogged pores, the Amazonian Detox Peel will help you to achieve pure, clear, healthy looking skin. This peel harnesses the

    powerful skin renewal action of clinical strength beta hydroxy acid, working to deep cleanse and rid follicles of accumulated impurities and stale oils that lead to those unsightly imperfections. The patented blend of 3 clinically proven ultrapurifying rainforest plants works deeply to detoxify and calm excessively oily, congested, acneic skin concerns.

     – Pigment Peel

    A truly remarkable and unique in-Clinic treatment to rapidly clear away the appearance of brown spots, hormonal marks and other skin discolourations and visibly restore clarity to your complexion. The Pigment Punch clarity peel combines the powerful skin renewal and clarifying action of clinical strength beta hydroxyl acids to lift away the accumulated layers of dull, discoloured cells, plus the remarkable skin brightening actions of Vitamin C and Tyrostat.

  • Retinol Peel


    This resurfacing treatment is ideal for addressing a range of skin concerns. Fine lines, wrinkles, visible pores, minor discoloration and muddy complexions can’t but surrender to this powerful rehab program for time damaged skin. Retinol Brulee synergizes ultra pure encapsulated bio active Retinol, with milk-derived L Lactic Acid and Niacinamide, a botanical anti-inflammatory, that work in tandem to deliver the most spectacular anti-ageing and skin refining results in record time.

  • Purity Peel


    • The perfect treatment series for oily, acne-prone, congested skin
    • Features AHAs and BHAs to help exfoliate and clarify
    • Leaves skin clearer, softer and healthier looking
  • Timeless Peel


    Dramatically reduce visible signs of ageing!

    This highly concentrated deep peel is our best peel to dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing. Combining 30% AGP Complex with lactic acid, Timeless Peel aggressively works to exfoliate dead skin and encourage healthy cellular growth and renewal, giving you an age-defying, smooth-textured complexion. Our very best peel to dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing.

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