DermaFrac is a treatment combining micro-needling and deep tissue serum infusion.

The 4-Step treatment includes:

·         Microdermabrasion

·         Micro-needling

·         Product infusion

·         LED Light Therapy

Your treatment will be tailored by selecting a DermaFrac serum to target your specific condition.


A ‘super cocktail’ of peptides that has the potential to stimulate collagen and fibroblast production and relax the muscles in a subtle, natural way.


Hyaluronic acid triggers intense hydration.


Lactic and salicylic acids help cleanse congested, oily pores for more vibrant, clearer skin.


Kojic acid is a natural and effective lightening agent shown to even out pigment.

What does the DermaFrac treatment involve?

The DermaFrac involves a 4-step treatment process, with the aim of rejuvenating the skin. The first step includes Microdermabrasion, which involves the mechanical exfoliation of the outer epidermal layer. A textured handpiece is glided over the skin using vacuum pressure to remove dead skin cells at the surface. The result is a smoother and softer complexion with refined pores.

This is followed by gentle Skin Needling which involves the gliding of very small, fine needles over the skin surface using soft vacuum pressure. The needling creates micro-channels to the dermis, whilst simultaneously offering infusion of cosmeceuticals into this deeper cellular level. The micro-injuries created at this level stimulate the skin’s repair response, which eventuates in the production of collagen. This is a treatment which can be tailored to suit many different skin conditions and may offer benefits such as improved hydration and skin plumping, tightening of pores, repairing of scars, as well as reduction of fine lines, reduced pigmentation and congestion.

The final treatment modality involves a gentle LED light which is passed over the skin to help improve redness, inflammation and stimulate a healing response.

Cost per treatment: $199

The DermaFrac machine takes micro-needling to a whole new level!